When  managing your forests, there will be times when you will need to make important decisions.  These decisions will have a long term effect on your family’s finances and the biological health of your property.   Consider hiring a professional to work on your behalf.  A Forester who has the experience and is trained in the science and business of forest management can guide you through the process.

sell your timber
How to sell my timber for its maximum value?

Timber Sales:  Do you want to sell your timber?  Most landowners will sell their timber only once or twice in their lifetime.  It is absolutely critical that you maximize the value.    This can be accomplished by hiring a professional to work on your behalf that knows how to appraise your timber and market it to its full potential.  Timber sales can be either lump sum or per unit depending on the type sale, for example: clear cut, thinning, select cut, or real estate cut.   Sale areas will be accurately mapped with ArcGIS software and field GPS units and the value of the timber will be determined.    Property lines, sensitive areas, and streamside management zones will be marked.  Timber sales will be marketed to their full potential. Contracts will be examined.  Logging activity will be monitored to insure contract compliance and the protection of the site.  Recommendations will be provided for site regeneration (tree planting) if necessary.


how to appraise my timber
How much is my timber worth?

Timber Appraisals: Knowing the value of your timber is the first step in making the proper management decisions for your land.  Timber appraisals are necessary for selling timber, establishing a basis, evaluating a potential land purchase, and making long term decisions.  Sample plots are taken on the client’s property to determine the volume (tons) of each forest product, for example: pine puplwood, pine saw timber, hardwood pulpwood, hardwood saw timber, etc.   Market research is completed to determine the value per ton for each of the forest products for the specific site.  Those values are multiplied times the volumes then summarized to determine the total timber value.  Pricing for timber appraisals are determined by the size, location, and other factors relating to the property.  Whether you are looking to buy land or sell your timber, knowing the value of all of the forest products is key to making a wise  decision.


sell timber how much is my timber worth

sell timber how much is my timber worthGIS/GPS mapping: Knowing the location and amount of acres of the features on your property is always helpful in making management decisions.   ArcGIS software along with compatible GPS units are used to map property.  Once your property is mapped, you will know the amount of acres for different land types, such as: forest stands, food plots, ponds, etc.  Knowing the correct acres of an area is critical when appraising timber, spraying with an aerial application and planting trees.  A good map will allow you to see the location of features, such as: roads, streams,  property corners, and other specific features on your land.  Accurate maps are invaluable when planning  future activities.



sell your timber how much is my timber worth
Do you need a Forest Management Plan?

Financial Analysis/Estate Planning:  Knowing your timber and its potential is critical when planning for the future and developing a long term forest management plan.  Land owners are interviewed to determine their long term objectives.  Their property is evaluated to determine its current condition and its future potential.  The two are meshed to formulate a long term plan.


sell timber
What to do after you sell your timber?

Tree Planting and Site Preparation: When establishing a new forest stand after a harvest,  proper site preparation, tree selection, and proper tree planting techniques will yield benefits in the future.  Sites will be evaluated to determine the site preparation method best suited for the site.  The proper tree species and tree planting forestry consultantgenetic line will be selected and then a well seasoned experienced crew will be hired to plant the trees.




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